Breakfast Pudding, Lunch Pudding, Dinner Pudding

So I’m back from Greece.


My waistline is relieved.

Let me take you on my Journey, using sweet things this time. Then normal service will resume. I’ve recently made melt in the middle chocolate puddings, so watch this space.


First stop Tutti Frutti at Reading station. Just look at all the shapes and the cake. what you can’t see behind the chocolate is a shelf of old fashioned sweets. Much yes!

Fast forwarding past a few flights, strange in flight meals, sleepless nights and whatnot- to the view from the hike we did.

Wonderful right? Well, the climb was tough, but we managed it. Go Urban physics school!

Breakfast (I never got a picture of this as I was always running late), was biscuits and trays of pastries of every type imaginable. Pudding for breakfast!

20131015_172459This is just one shelf of desserts, for lunch! All freshly made in the kitchen. If I had to sum up Greek desserts, it would be cream, nuts, fruit and more cream. The desserts were really inspiring and everything I could never do, like tidy swirls and wonderful spirals of cream. Then there was more for dinner pudding.

So much pudding!

20131018_173943Here’s my dinner pudding on the final night. Ice cream, cherry meringue creamy goodness, with cherry sauce and almond sprinkle.

20131018_092630Afternoon coffee break, coconut macaroon and Greek delight. Can you see why we all put on weight? We had two coffee breaks and three meals a day. That’s 5 puddings a day.

Well, after much food and learning, it was time for the trip back. This is from a shop in the local airport, just look at the quality of ice-cream. They also did chocolate covered bread and endless sweet Greek pastries.



Look at how tiny these biscuits are. They were so great and put my pinwheels (to be released) to shame! Greek biscuits use a lot finer flour to give them a much crumbly texture. They’re not big fans of chocolate either, preferring to do a chocolate glaze. I was starting to crave chocolate…

Fast forward 13 hours of travelling and waiting around and we’re back in Reading at 11pm on a Friday night. Guess what was still open?Tutti Frutti! So unable to resist I brought some chocolate lions.


As always, back to work on Monday, so I went from this:


to this in less than 48 hours…

Having not had chocolate for a while (though I did take a Double Decker with me that confused Greek security) my next post will involve chocolate and a warm pudding.

Pudding Power!



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