Lego Gandalf Cake.

Yes you read it right, Lego Gandalf.
Why? Because I’d never seen my two flatmates for my final uni year get so excited about the Daily Mail. Normally you just read the Daily Mail if you want to read about incorrect, unproven and un-referenced science, gossip, middle class problems and… more gossip.
Only this issue of the Daily Mail had a free Lego Gandalf with it.


The paper didn’t get read, it didn’t even get graffiti scribbled all over it. It got recycled and Gandalf was released into the flat. One computer profile also got changed to this-


Gandalf in sunglasses. Don’t mess.

It also happened to be old flat-mates birthday soon after, so the theme of the cake was decided.

No real ‘during’ shots here, because I’d just moved into my new house and was busy trying to remember where everything was.

I also realise, it’s not my best cake, nor my best method, but I wanted to try it for the sheer variety of cakes that could be made in the same way. it was just one of those days.

There’s Gandalf, but I kind of think he looks like an aging rocker at the same time, so if you want to edit it slightly by changing the colours and the clothes to make it personalised for someone else feel free. Likewise, you could do a normal lego man using the steps I’m going to show you. I know, Lego-Men don’t always have noses, but he looked a lil’ freaky without it.

Gandalf with style.

Gandalf with style.

The flames were actually an accident, as I was trying to make a flesh colour using red, orange and a hint of brown. Needless to say it didn’t work, it ended up the colour of spray tan. So I turned it into the flames around his feet and went for a pale pink. Fortunately you can buy a flesh coloured food colouring but it’s not very often I make people.

This one is a really simple cake to make, but looks suprisingly effective. If you want a lego man but don’t want Gandalf (How could you?), ignore Step 5 and leave at Step 8, changing the colours for the rest of the steps.

Cake wise, you will need:
A square cake, mine was done in a brownie tin as that’s the only square tin I could find in the pile of cake stuff.
One loaf cake.

One small block of ready coloured black icing,
1kg fondant icing in white.
Enough butter-cream to create the butter-cream beard. or Marshmallow fluff if you’d like.
Buttercream and jam for sticking the fondant on.
Pink and grey food colouring (800g coloured grey and 200g coloured pink)

A board big enough to fit him on- I ran into problems here, and ended up ripping the side off an Amazon box and wrapping it in tinfoil as he got pretty big.

Now I love how simply this was to put together- it really was just like lego.
As a word of warning, it is better to cut pieces of cake that are slightly too big and then cut them down, than it is to cut them so small you can’t do anything with them.

After making every piece, I put them together on a chopping board to see how they looked, before moving them to the cake board and starting the final decorations.

Step 1- Planning
Print or trace yourself a copy of this lego man outline in the size that you want . I used it for the body and arms, but you can use it for the whole thing if you like. Don’t worry about the hands, they’re just icing. My size for the entire cake was 1.5 loaf tins. The body took up around 2/3’s of the square cake.

I have a bad habit of tracing off my laptop screen with a blunt pencil- it’s just like a light-box, just more expensive. The printer doesn’t like my laptop so it’s the only option.

Step 2-body and arms
Start with the body and arms, it’s the most difficult bit. Lie your template on the top of the square cake, with the base of the body against on of the edges of the cake.

Poke through the template with a skewer in regular intervals, until you can see exactly where to cut. Carefully cut the shape out and put the rest of the cake to the side for now.

Lie the cake chest on a chopping board and neaten up any edges, before covering with Jam/butter-cream and positioning the fondant on top. It’s a bit of an awkward shape, but remember if there’s any cracks, you can just make the beard super bushy to hide them.

Step 3-Belt
From the spares cut a long strip that’s the same length as the body. Mine was about an inch wide. This will serve as the connecting join. Decorate it with the black icing once you’ve got it to the right size.

Step 4-Head
Using the remaining spares of the square cake, you should be able to cut out a head- which is simply a rectangle. You can decorate this with pink icing straight away, or leave it until you’ve done the legs. It’s up to you. I made the base layer and then left all the decorations until last.

Step 5- Wizard hat
If you have enough cake spare, you can cut a triangle out of it and use that as a hat, or simply make it out of solid fondant or whatever other edible material you want to. If using cake, ice with gray icing.

Step 6- Legs
Grab your loaf cake and cut a 5cm block off the end. Cut the larger piece into the two legs. Short or long legged Gandalf? Cut the 5cm block in half to make the two feet and butter cream these on top of the legs.

Cover and ice each leg individually with gray icing.

Step 7- Hands
Use all but 25g of the remaining icing to create the hands. I split it into two and molded it with my hands into little U shapes and placed them next to his arms.

Step 8- Admire.
That’s the hard work done. sit down and have a break while everything is allowed to firm up. You’ll be dealing with purely icing next. Have a brew.
At this point, if you’re not making Gandalf it’s up to you to create your own lego man.

Step 9- Accessorise Gandalf
Yes, you could make a blinged out Gandalf if you want to! Believe me, if I’d have had some edible glitter and more workspace, he’d have been fab-u-lous 🙂
The nose was created by forming a 3-D teardrop shape and then flattening it against his face.

Cut out a small thin black rectangle of icing for this hat band. Stick down with a touch of water.

The sunglasses to were formed of a thin black rectangle, that was then cut around the nose and put on the face. Add a little white star if you wish.

Roll out a thin sausage of black icing and lay it diagonally across his chest.

Feel free to add his staff, sword and anything else you want to.

Step 10- The Beard.
Make up your butter cream in the preferred way and in your preferred hair colour. Spoon it onto his chest, and gently direct it up to his nose, before lightly dragging a fork across it to make the hair effect. i also put some butter cream on either side of his head as hair.

There’s gandalf- and I’ll leave you with his Europop nodding



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