Cold Combatting Chocolate Chilli Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Dold Dombatting Dhocolate Dhilli Dinnamon Doffee Dake?

Close enough! 🙂

Disclaimer- I’m not a dietitian or an expert. I’m going on personal experience. The experience of being force fed the soluble tablets of vitamin C during a cold or just before by my Ma. Those things are disgusting!

My original plan was to make a cake rich in vitamin c to help fight off the colds that have begun to spread across the work place. I was thinking citrus fruits at first, but a quick google about vitamin c kept showing me pictures of vegetables. Vegetables? (Yes vegetables can go into cake, but… I don’t mix them. Nuh-oh, not yet)

Every vegetable seems to have a PR campaign going on these days, even the humble potato. Look at these vitamins and nutrients, my antioxidants and my minerals. Oh I’m fabulous! You’re also not chocolate. Nice Try.

When I’m ill the last thing I want to eat are vegetables. Sorry guys, vegetables are out and things I can actually taste are in.
So you need something packed with flavour!

It’s been found that chillis in green or red are a great source of Vitamin C, as well as flavour. New project time!

Eating a raw chilli isn’t going to help soothe a throat, but adding it into a cake mix will give it flavour, spice and still get you eating it. It’ll also help clear the sinus, which, whilst not pretty, helps overall, especially if your chosen medication of choice is wearing off.

So the ingredients I’ve got so far are: Cocoa powder, Chilli, coffee and Cinnamon. Can you feel the fire yet?
It can’t be a cookie, because it would catch in the throat…or can it? More on that in a later post.
So it’s going to have to be a cake.

But what to top it with? Butter-cream and frosting are out because of their ability to clog up your throat. Glace icing is a possibility but inhaling the icing sugar won’t help. Chocolate ganache is also out. Maybe it doesn’t even need a topping. Top it with your favourite over the counter flu medication if you’d like.

Looking at the flavours- would they even work?
You get cinnamon coffee. So that’s those two in holy matrimony.
Cinnamon and chilli are often pared together as well as cocoa powder.
Cocoa and coffee is a given.
It’s just the chilli and the coffee. The internet gives it a big thumbs up.

Dold Dombatting Dhocolate Dhilli Dinnamon Doffee Dake recipe.
200g Milk or dark chocolate
50g Cocoa powder
200g Self raising flour
3 eggs
225g Butter
225g Brown sugar (any type will do)
2tsp good quality ground coffee (or 2tsp not so good quality)
3tsp cinnamon
3tsp ginger
2 Fresh chilies, chopping into tiny pieces, seeds included. Or 3tsp chilli flakes if you don’t have any fresh ones.

Preheat the oven to 180C. Grease and line your tin. I used a smaller tin for this one- it wasn’t a good idea, a 7inch tin is great. If you want to use two sandwich tins, reduce the cooking time accordingly.

Melt the chocolate over boiling water and once slightly melted, add the coffee granules.

Beat the butter and the sugar together until fluffy.
Sieve in the dry ingredients and add the eggs. Mix away, as a warning this mixture gets very thick and my little tiny beaters couldn’t deal with it. Add the chocolate coffee mix.

Now you’re aiming for a thick mixture, but if you’re struggling to stir, keep adding a splodge of milk every so often to help loosen it up. Taste the mixture and add more flavour if you taste nothing.

Spoon your mixture into your tin and try to level it as best you can.
Depending on what tin you’re using I’d start the cake off for 20 minutes, then check to see how it’s doing. Mine was in a very deep tin and took around 1 hour to cook, but it started to burn the crust slightly. If you get to 45 minutes and your skewer is still not coming out clean, put some foil or baking paper over the top of it and keep it baking.

By all means if you want it still slightly squidgy cake in the middle, take it out a little sooner.

Enjoy the warmth from the oven. Sit close by it and watch the cake cook.
Leave to cool then let it free from it’s tin.
Serve with a DayNurse tablet and some ginger and lemon tea. Enjoy the fact that you can taste it!
20131110_181757Wondering what’s in the cake here? Well it’s CCCCCCCake, but with an added surprise, which I’ll reveal sometime soon when I’ve perfected it.

Get well soon!



4 responses to “Cold Combatting Chocolate Chilli Cinnamon Coffee Cake

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  2. I’m gonna give this a go next weekend – I still have fresh chilies in my greenhouse (it’s been so mild!) and the dark chocolate floats my boat too. Might give the coffee a miss, mind 😉

    • As a warning it takes a long while to cook so keep adding 5 mins on until it’s ready, but that might be because I put cookie dough in mine :D.
      You can’t really taste the coffee, it just enhances the chocolately flavour in small amounts- I figured this as I blended cheap chocolate and the powder tasted like coffee.
      Add as much spice as you dare, but let me know how it goes! 🙂

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