Mince pie cake pudding

This is an ad-libbed recipe. It came about because me and pastry don’t get on. As in you will need a drill to break into any pastry case I make. I may have cold hands (which is a plus), but I lack the patience, even with ready made pastry.

To describe it-
A Christmassy sponge cake recipe studded with rum soaked fruit, that cannot decide if it is a cake, a pie or a pudding. Perfect for using up leftover Mincemeat.


Let me take you through the week.

I’ve been on a course at uni, which in any other department would mean two hours a week for 10 weeks. Manageable right? Only in the department I was enrolled with, it was 30 hours of contact time in the week, whilst trying to keep on top of my project and practising a talk. Plus all the other things that are on-going at the moment.

(I wouldn’t change it though, it’s just one of those weeks.)

And that our boiler has died. Died as in water is gushing out of the part that says ‘disconnect mains before opening’.

No hot water. No heating.

When it rains, it pours!

So yesterday was a lazy day of Skyrim and Stuff to try and help me relax. The Xbox was on to provide warmth and a roast dinner was in order to keep us warm through the leaky oven.

Then it was time for pudding.

I opened the fridge, only to find chocolate staring back at me.

This normally means there’s no baked good in the house, which is true as we’ve both been busy.


Taking the leftover mincemeat jar from the cupboard, I instantly decided on something to do with that. But me and pastry aren’t friends.

So I took the mincemeat and made it into a cake. Yes the mincemeat needed maturing for a while longer, but as said previously, I’m impatient.


So here’s what happened:

200g Butter
200g Caster sugar
3 eggs
375g Self raising flour
1tsp baking powder
Any leftover mincemeat you have kicking about. I had about 300g, but ideally would of wanted more.
1tsp vanilla extract.

Grease and line a brownie pan.
Pre-heat the oven to 180C.
Cream the butter and the sugar.
Add the eggs, vanilla and flour before mixing until even and smooth. This is a very dense cake mix, so if you want it a little looser add a couple of tablespoons of milk or if in adult company; rum.
You don’t want it too runny though, as it has to support the weight of the fruit.

There are two ways of doing this part.
You can either mix the mincemeat in until combined and spoon into the tin.


Spread half the cake mix into the tin and then create a layer of mincemeat on top of that, before covering with the remaining batter.

Bake for 30mins at 180C.

The top should be golden and a skewer come out clean and free from cake mix.

Leave to cool and cut into squares.

Ponder over a slightly warm square about whether or not to cook them in cupcake cases for more personalised treats. 15mins at 180C? Possibly.

Drown in custard.



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