Chocolate Pizza

Stuck for what to get someone for Christmas?
Running out of time to make something?

Easy solution- buy a chocolate pizza mold online, some chocolate and some things to sprinkle on it.
Or take an oven tray or cake tin, line it with baking paper and melt the chocolate into those newly made molds. Even chocolate splodges onto baking paper look good.

This is one of my messy posts: no real recipe, but a mountain of ideas.


Melt, decorate, set, package, done.

Presents set and ready to go within two hours. Unexpected guests? Sorted.

Children bored in the holidays? Not anymore!

Kids wanting to buy gifts for all their classmates? Here’s your cheap solution. Would work well as a teacher gift to. I wouldn’t know though, I don’t deal with adult issues like that.

You will need:

Enough chocolate to fill your mold.

Mine takes 200g.

And some toppings.

Glace cherries, candy cane, M&M’s, jelly sweets, wafers, edible glitter, Sprinkles, dried fruit, chocolate coated fruit, crushed candy of any kind, crystalised ginger, seeds, icing decorations, honey comb, malteasers, mini chocolates, terry’s chocolate oranges, dried chillis, marshmallows, fudge, brownie chunks, cereal, crushed biscuits, whole biscuits, nuts, freeze dried fruit, chocolate decorations, mini cookies and much more.

Whatever takes your fancy.

If that list doesn’t spark some ideas for toppings flowing in your mind, I’m not sure what will!

As a note, if you’re using something chocolately as a topping, let the pizza chocolate cool slightly in the mold before adding the toppings.

Now you can do different Patterns
splodges, solid one colour, dual layers, half and half, spirals,feathered, streaks of colour.

To get the marbled effect, splodge as shown below. Take a skewer and swirl the chocolate together, but not too much, else you’ll loose the pattern.




to swirl!

Or Flavours-

Orange, vanilla, mint, rum, spicy, fruity.

You could either add extracts to your chocolate, stirring thoroughly or melt down flavoured chocolate.

The choice is yours, just remember that dark, milk and white chocolate all behave slightly differently.

Or Colours.
White chocolate reacts well with food colouring.
Red and green Xmas theme, blue, pink, purple, streaked colours, rainbow. The list goes on.

To do the streaked colours, I’d create the pizza in the pattern I wanted, before dipping a cocktail stick in food colouring and swirling it into the white chocolate. Repeat with your different colours.

So this is my first attempt at a chocolate pizza:

It’s Morello cherries and snowflake wafers, with a swirled milk and white chocolate base.


Looks pretty good for something that didn’t take too long.

Happy Mess making!



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