Toffee Penny Treats.

We hit that low.

Opening the sweetie tin only to find shiny golden disks staring back at us. The enemies of dentists.

Hello Toffee pennies.


Let me wrap you in biscuit dough and made you a little more edible.

Have you ever tried to cut a toffee penny straight from the fridge?
If you want shrapnel scattered over the kitchen, go try it now.

This will make around 16 cookies.

Let me describe them to you: A warm shortbread cookie with an oozy centre of caramel loveliness. 

16 toffee pennies or equivalent hated toffee sweet.
175g unsalted butter.
300g brown sugar. Or white sugar. Or any combo of sugars you have in the house.
1tsp vanilla extract.
2 eggs
300g flour. Plain or Self raising. They rise either way.
200g chocolate chips for extra luxury. Or the bodies of the quality street comrades, chopped up just like here.

Preheat the oven to 180C
Line your oven trays with baking paper, as these can get sticky.

Mix up everything in a bowl besides the toffee pennies. You should be able to handle the dough. If not, add some more flour until you can shape it. My mix doesn’t have chocolate chips in for the photos.

Tear off pieces of the dough and slot a toffee penny inside each one, then pull the dough over the penny so that it’s nicely in the centre of the dough.


Put them on you baking paper, flatten slightly and cook at 180C for 20-25 minutes, you’re looking for crispy edges.

A warm cookie is much better than a cold one! Don’t fridge them…




5 responses to “Toffee Penny Treats.

    • They’re the unloved sweet in a sweetie tin, they’re just a round toffee that happen to be the same size as an old-style U.K penny.

      Don’t go finding them, they’re not that tasty. I mean why would you eat this, when in the same box there’s a stick of toffee covered in chocolate?

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