Weather Cakes

So if you hadn’t of guessed, it’s been raining just a tad in the U.K.

It was also the met careers fair- So without further ado, here are the cakes I made:

The very accurate weather map of the U.K. Rain and rain. It’s not however, a very accurate map as to what’s flooded and where. Good luck to the people suffering the floods.

This is just a basic sponge cake with jam in the middle, iced in fondant. I’m not too happy with the clouds, but I don’t have a cloud cutter, or a tear drop cutter that small.

This ones pretty simple to make. Colour 400g of icing with a paste and partly blend it in to create the wavy effect. Roll out on a piece of baking paper or icing sugared surface and stick to the cake with a bit of jam and warm water. Brush off any excess icing sugar or cornflower and leave for a bit. Any spare can be used to make a edible ribbon or be eaten

The rain drops were shaped freehand by colouring a tiny amount of icing a dark blue and rolling into balls before squashing one end.

The clouds were cut freehand whilst on the phone from very dark grey icing rolled out thinly.

For the map, I found myself a fairly simple template online and printed it to scale.
You could cut out the shape and then cut round it on the icing, but I’m left handed and can’t cut anything well.

Colour up 100g of green fondant and roll it out until it’s the thickness of a £1 coin.

Lie your print out on top of the icing and using a cocktail stick or the point of a knife, stab round the shape that you want. Once done, remove the paper and neatly cut along your poked out pattern. The islands are just little globs of spare icing.

Stick on any icing with a dab of water or jam.

Wash the cake with a damp paintbrush and you’re ready to go.


This one is the chocolate traybake frosting and cake recipe from the Pink Whisk. The frosting is immense, it’s very rich and sickly but for so little effort. It’ll be my new go to chocolate frosting instead of chocolate and cream- it sets well to.

It’s two of the cakes, stuck together and frosted with one cake’s worth of icing.

The decoration is simply white chocolate that’s been piped from a piping bag that didn’t even have a nozzle.

Stay safe everyone!

A very ill,



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