Mint fondant chocolates

Or chunky After-8s.

Orginally mentioned by Murph in an email conversation about creme eggs, I decided to see how difficult it was to make your own chocolates.


There’s obviously much fancier websites and better techniques to doing this than just a Fox, a chocolate mould, some chocolate and a paintbrush, but that’s what I’m going with. This would be great to do with kids and it’s fairly quick.

Lots of experimentation has gone into this. Runny fondant will not work unless you have solid, impenetrable chocolate walls of steel on your mould. I was just left with a squashed mess when I tried to pop them out. A tasty squashed mess though.

You will need:

200g of Dark chocolate.

The mint fondant from this recipe, so that’s:
1 egg white
300g icing sugar
As much peppermint extract as you wish (2tsp is a good place to start)

A food-grade paintbrush
Silicon chocolate moulds, (you could use plastic but remember to grease first).

A note with the moulds- make sure they’re fairly easy shapes to remove (like eggs) other wise you end up squashing the top on removal.

Set the chocolate melting over a pan of boiling water and put the moulds in the freezer.

Whilst it’s melting, sieve the icing sugar and add the extract and egg white. Mix until stiff, you want it almost the texture of fondant icing so if it’s too runny, keep adding icing sugar until your spoon can stand up in it.

Get the moulds out the freezer and paint the melted chocolate into the moulds, making sure to get into every last corner and detail. Tap on the side to remove air bubbles and steadily layer it  until you’re sure it’s formed a chocolate shell.


Return the moulds to the freezer for around 10 minutes.

Get them back out and spoon the fondant into the shells. Don’t worry about leaving spikes on, we’ll fix that later.
Put in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Have a look and gently push down any peaks in the fondant so that the mint layer becomes smooth.


Paint on the thick base layer and fridge this time for at least an hour.

When ready to turn out, flex the silicon on all sides and gently ease them out. To clean silicon moulds, wash them in hot soapy water, and then, if they’re oven proof, leave them to dry in a cooling oven, or an oven at 50C.

Store away and cheer.



4 responses to “Mint fondant chocolates

  1. I had tried this on Christmas, It is really tasty. The recipe is really easy to follow, I was very much excited to make them on the first time for my kids. They really love it, Thanks for sharing.

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