Chocolate coffee cinnamon rum brownie

Add all the things!


This is a dense brownie packed with flavour. It was a cake but it got side tracked along the way. It was a bit of an experiment that turned out pretty well, with all the flavours complimenting each other, though the rum flavouring I used really shone through.

4 eggs
50-100ml milk
175g self raising flour
40g cinnamon
40g Cocoa
225g Butter
225g caster sugar
2tsp rum or rum flavouring
2tsp coffee granules

50g Melted Chocolate, for drizzling

Line a brownie tin with greaseproof paper. Preheat the oven to 180C

Mix the butter and the sugar first until smooth. Then add everything but the milk and mix. If it’s too thick and your mixer begins to get consumed by chocolately  goodness, stop and add milk in splodges until it begins to loosen.

Encourage the mixture into the pan, even when loosened, it’s still fairly dense. Tap it on the side to make it spread, or move it by force if it’s a bit on the stubborn side.

Cook for 30 minutes until a skewer comes out clean. It’ll probably start cracking as a way of telling you it’s done.

Leave to cool on the side before drizzling with chocolate and cutting into around 20 chunks.




5 responses to “Chocolate coffee cinnamon rum brownie

    • I think if you spent ages balancing it, it could well do, it’s not as well rounded to be honest, with the rum being the dominant flavour and the coffee changing the texture to a more fudgey one. It carries both of the ‘in your face’ notes of rum and coffee.
      Thanks 😀

      • Coming up in April, my wife and I host a party that we call “Wazoo Cupcakes”, and is a competition of who can make the best cupcakes judged in appearance, taste, and creativity. This… this may be my submission this year, if I can get them down into bite-sized proportions.

      • That sounds awesome!
        The mix is suitable for cooking into smaller pans, I’m not sure on the time taken though, 15 minutes might be a good place to start- you could core them and fill it with a Tia Maria and chocolate truffley style mixture for added oomph. Or you could decorate the top with something like that and chocolate coated coffee beans.
        The possibilities 😀

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