White chocolate rocky road.

I went on a bit of a baking frenzy on Sunday.

The kitchen came out plastered in cocoa powder, chocolate wrappers and sticky fingers.

It’s clean now. Spotless.

Thank you Anti-bac!

White chocolate rocky road is not a simple substitution type recipe.

I learnt this through trial and error. Yay Science!

The rocky road recipe I give here uses some golden syrup and butter.

White chocolate doesn’t really need that, it sets a lot softer than it’s other chocolate friends. It also seems to go into a strange state change when butter is added to it, thickening and going gritty.

This recipe also works for other chocolates, it’s just a more solid bite.

So you will need;

400g White chocolate
225g Biscuits of choice, crushed.
100g Marshmallows
100g glace cherries, cut in half.
+ extras if you want.

Biscuit of choice; hobnobs, shortbread, digestives, rich tea, bourbons, oreos. It’s your recipe, so use your favourite.

Actually, I’m going to be honest here.
I don’t measure things.
I just chuck it in until it looks right.

Sorry Mary Berry.
The precision stuff just doesn’t work for me.

If there’s Turkish delight in the cupboards that can go in to, or sweets, or anything that’ll work it’s going in.

Anyway, line your brownie tin with greaseproof paper.

Melt the chocolate over a tub of boiling water and mix with all the other ingredients into a bowl.

Spoon into your tray and leave to cool.

My brain was pretty confused as to what was before me, I mean, it was white chocolate, but it looked like rice crispy cake.

Turn out, slice and serve.

Little slices as it’s pretty sickly mind you!



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